Navigating Mental Illness in College

Transitioning from high school to college can be challenging for any student. But for those navigating college AND a mental health condition, that transition can lead to isolation, poor grades, or even a mental health crisis. Join this panel discussion with Mackenzie Ulam and Jaqueline Lugo (NAMI on Campus at UT) and Kelsey Lammy, MSW, (Longhorn Wellness Center). Attendees will learn about resources, tips and techniques for both incoming and current students on managing mental health in college.


Mackenzie Ulam

NAMI on Campus at UT

Mackenzie Ulam is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin graduating with her Bachelor's in Psychology in May. Mackenzie is the President of NAMI On Campus at UT Austin and facilitates NAMI Connection support groups on UT's campus. She is also a part of UT's Mental Health Peer Education program that spreads the word about campus resources and gives workshops to student groups on topics such as stress management and resiliency. Every fall, Mackenzie is employed by the university as a peer mentor to lead a First Year Interest Group, a seminar filled with first-year students that is dedicated to easing the transition from high school into college. In her spare time, Mackenzie volunteers with Crisis Textline as a Crisis Counselor. She hopes to be starting her Master's in Counseling this coming fall!

Jacqueline Lugo

NAMI on Campus at UT

Jaqueline Lugo is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently working towards her Bachelors in English and a minor in Education. She is a member of NAMI on Campus at UT Austin. Jaqueline is also a facilitator for support groups aimed at providing support for people living with mental illness at UT Austin. She aims to increase mental health awareness not only in schools but in society by creating conversations.  Jaqueline hopes that by increasing awareness there are able to be an increase in resources for young adults. Jaqueline is also a writer and an intern for her university’s writing center. In her spare time, she bakes, crochets, bakes, cooks, and reads books.

Kelsey Lammy, MSW

Mental Health Promotion Coordinator | Longhorn Wellness Center

Kelsey (she/her/hers) co-runs the Be That One Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention programs, as they apply theory and evidence-informed practices in order to develop and implement population-level interactions to promote mental health for the student population on the University of Texas at Austin campus. Her involvement at LWC includes managing the Mental Health Ambassador Program, Student Mental Health Alliance, and co-running the peer education program and Peer Body Project. Kelsey received her Masters of Social Work at the University of Missouri concentrating on public policy, planning and administration. In her free time Kelsey enjoys hiking with her pup, reading at coffee shops, and antiquing.

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