You are living with mental illness and it’s vital you know that you are not alone. At NAMI Central Texas we have developed a community and classes to help you navigate, connect, and develop strategies to help you.

The news is good. There are treatments and recovery is possible.

Coronavirus Update

(updated 1/1/2022)

Based on the current public health recommendations, some NAMI Central Texas programs have been suspended or will be offered online.

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“This course has literally been a life saver. It has opened my eyes to better understanding my illness and methods of recovery I did not know about before taking NAMI Peer-to-Peer.”

For people living with mental health conditions

8-Week Class: Peer-to-Peer

You’re not alone in living with mental illness. During NAMI Peer-to-Peer, each session is led by someone who has lived with mental illness and who understands and can teach about mental health recovery. This course is a valuable resource that will help you uncover what living well looks like for YOU. With new knowledge, tools and support, you can better take charge of your life and choices.

What you’ll learn:

  • Facts about specific mental health conditions
  • Learning the ropes of recovery
  • Crisis management
  • Critical strategies like:
    • Relapse prevention aid
    • Self Care
    • Healthy habits

This class is currently not available. See below for Online Support Group options or our Mind Matters series for online webinars on a variety of mental health topics.

"I think stories are one of the most powerful tools we have to share and hear. NAMI's volunteers/speakers do a beautiful job of sharing their stories and hope.”

For people living with mental health conditions

4-week Workshop Series: Stories and Strategies - Inspiration and Skills for Living with a Mental Health Condition

Storytelling builds powerful connections as we recognize the similarities of our experiences. The Stories and Strategies workshop series will inspire you to positive action and help you gain practical recovery skills. Each week, you will hear from NAMI peer leaders who will share their recovery journeys. The weekly workshop features storytelling, mental health strategies, an interactive skills exercise and a participant discussion. You can attend any or all of the sessions, but be sure to register for each separately.
What you'll learn:
  • Session 1: Storytelling/Mindfulness
  • Session 2: Strategies and Skills
  • Session 3: Goal Setting in Trying Times
  • Session 4: Relationships and Support Systems

Online Support Groups

NAMI Connection: For adults living with mental health conditions

You are not alone, and there is strength in the support of a community. Our free support groups are lead by others who are living with a mental illness and who have the training to lead and facilitate the group.  Registration for online groups is required; attend any group at any time.

Please note: only individuals who are living with a mental health condition may attend.

What you’ll learn:

  • How others share your same challenges
  • What success can look like
  • How to develop better coping skills
  • Finding strength in shared experiences
  • Laugh – because humor is healthy
  • How to hold on to hope – because we never give up

Clinician-Led Groups

NAMI Central Texas partners with non-profit clinicians to provide clinician-led groups focused on specific topics, audiences, or diagnoses. These groups follow NAMI's guiding principles but are led by paid clinicians instead of NAMI volunteers. The groups often have a fee associated with them.

A clinician-led group might be helpful if:

  • You'd like a group focused on a particular topic or role.
  • You're interested in a closed group setting where you will meet with the same small group each session.
  • You can commit to attending a regularly scheduled group.

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