Our volunteers are the heart of NAMI Central Texas. Volunteers help to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness by sharing their personal experiences, talents, and skills. Whether you are giving your time because our programs have helped you or a loved one or you are passionate about mental health, you can make a difference.

For internship opportunities, please visit our careers page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Below are our volunteer opportunities; you will learn more about them in our recorded Volunteer Information Session.

  • Facilitate support groups for adults who are living with a mental health condition, or for those closest to them.
  • Teach adults who are living with a mental health condition, or those closest to them, about recovery, resources, and crisis management.
  • Share your story about navigating mental health conditions.
  • Give various presentations to both niche and broad audiences about mental health.
  • Assist with outreach, events, fundraising, and more!

Volunteer Process

To begin the process to become a volunteer, please follow the steps outlined below.

Please note: You'll receive training to prepare you to confidently and positively help individuals and families improve their lives and advance mental health recovery. This process could take between 2 to 6 months and you may not begin volunteering immediately upon applying.

Step 1: View Recorded Info Session

Step 2: Submit your volunteer application

Step 3: Attend the program you are interested in volunteering

If you haven't already attended the program you are interested in volunteering with, be sure to sign up to participate. You can see upcoming programming on our event calendar here. We'll reach out to you about how to view an upcoming presentation.


Step 4: Complete a background check and receive training and certification

Once you've submitted your application, a program manager/coordinator will provide instructions on the background and training process. We provide all the training you need to make a difference!


Step 5: Placement

Congratulations! After completing your training and certification process, you'll be able to begin volunteering. Your volunteer work will help ensure everyone gets the mental health help and support they need!

In the meantime, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.


You will receive regular emails with events, resources, and advocacy opportunities. Your information is never shared with or sold to other organizations.