• NAMI Austin is now NAMI Central Texas to reflect our growing community.

You’re here because someone in your life is living with a mental health condition. We’re here because it’s vital you know that you are not alone.

At NAMI Central Texas, we’ve developed a supportive network in our community of free classes, workshops and support groups to help you navigate everything from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression and other mental health conditions. Every program is led by loving and concerned individuals who themselves have experience with living with someone with a mental health condition and who have the experience and training to help you as you develop strategies.

The news is good. There are treatments, and recovery is possible.

Coronavirus Update

(updated 3/13/2020)

Based on the current public health recommendations, some NAMI Central Texas programs have been suspended or will be offered online.

For the most up-to-date information and resources, please visit namicentraltx.org/coronavirus.

“This course overall was the single most, without a doubt, helpful and informative thing ever offered in all my years searching for answers… It has helped me to understand better and communicate more effectively with my brother.”

For family members, partners, parents and friends of adults living with mental health conditions

8-Week Class: Family-to-Family

This free, 8-week class with brand new curriculum is designed to both help family members understand and support their adult loved one living with a mental health condition and maintain their own well-being. It meets for 2 ½ hours for 8 consecutive weeks and each class builds on knowledge of previous classes (so don’t miss a week!). Taught by individuals who have their own personal experience in supporting someone living with a mental health condition.

What you’ll learn

  • Current information about mental health and the brain
  • Treatment options for your loved one
  • Crisis management strategies
  • Problem solving and communication methods
  • Empathy and family roles
  • How to be an advocate for mental health

For anyone with a loved one living with mental health conditions

Workshop: Family & Friends

This free workshop (90 minutes or 4 hours) is a supportive and informative overview of not only mental health conditions, but of the resources available. Led by individuals who have their own personal experience in supporting someone living with a mental health condition.

What you’ll learn

  • Types of diagnoses
  • Types of treatments and recovery
  • Crisis preparation
  • Communication strategies
  • NAMI resources
“As a parent, I have felt so alone in the past. But, in this class, I felt like someone was holding my hand the whole way through it all. Such a relief!”

For parents and caregivers of children experiencing signs of behavioral or mental health concerns

6-Week Class: Basics, In-Person or Online

If you have a child or teen displaying signs of a mental health or behavioral concern, or if you already have a diagnosis, this is the best first step you can take. This free 6-week class is led by a team of parents who have been through what you are facing. We now offer both in-person classes and an on-demand, online course.

What you’ll learn:

  • Critical strategies for taking care of your child
  • Learning the ropes of recovery
  • Fact about mental health conditions
  • How to best support your child at home, at school, and when receiving care

Support Groups

Family Support Group: For family members, partners and parents of someone living with a mental health condition

You are not alone, and there is strength in the support of a community. Our free support groups are led by others who have a loved one living with a mental health condition.  Registration is not required; attend any group at any time.

Please note: only individuals who are caregivers or loved ones of someone with a mental health condition may attend.

What you’ll learn:

  • You are not alone. You’ll meet others who are navigating the same obstacles and hurdles.
  • Share success stories. Celebrate the victories.
  • Share knowledge. Learn about the experiences of others.

For families, caregivers and friends of military service members and vets with mental health conditions

Online Class: Homefront

NAMI Homefront is designed to address the unique needs of family, caregivers and friends of those who have served or are currently serving our country. The program is taught by trained family members of service members/veterans living with mental health conditions.

NAMI Homefront is available online through NAMI. Online classes meet virtually, on a weekly basis, to complete the 6-session program.

Support for these programs provided in part by grants from

The Lola Wright Foundation