Faith communities are often a source of care and support as people navigate life's journeys. When leaders within these communities learn about mental health facts and resources to support their members, they can create a community of compassion, empathy and understanding toward those affected by a mental health condition.

"After attending Bridges to Hope, we will be more empathetic and more comfortable interacting with people who may be experiencing crisis and confident enough to respond and provide help and resources."

Bridges to Hope

Workshop for Faith Leaders

Because religion and spirituality often play a vital role in healing, it’s not uncommon for families and individuals experiencing mental health issues to turn to a faith leader first for help. Yet faith leaders, staff and key outreach volunteers are often lacking the information, education, and resources to be the “bridge to hope” needed as people navigate serious, sometimes life-threatening, mental health issues. This 3-hour workshop will include:

  • An informative overview of prevalent mental health myths and common symptoms of mental health disorders
  • Simple ideas for building “bridges to hope” for your faith community
  • A tool kit of community mental health resources
  • A tool for developing an action plan to address the needs in your community and optional post-training support

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