Black Mental Health Matters: Effects of Community Trauma on Mental Health

Join NAMI Central Texas and Rakima Parson of Centered Counseling as we talk about racialized trauma, how it affects Black mental health, and ways for the community to be well as we buffer against the trauma.


Rakima Parson, Centered Counseling

Rakima Parson, a Louisiana native, is actively involved in the Austin community. Rakima is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist, who has worked in various settings. Professionally, she has gained a unique understanding of the intersection of trauma, culture, academic achievement and work performance. Rakima does not limit her expertise to only the confines of an office, rather she actively seeks unique opportunities to share her voice and expertise to improve lives and systems. Rakima not only believes that there is valuable work to be done through providing individual counseling, but she also embraces the responsibility of advocating and providing outreach in the community.

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