A Year of Adversity

By Simon Niblock

It's easy to define 2020 as the Year of Adversity.

It will be a year that will undoubtedly leave many with a particularly bitter aftertaste. With 2021 just around the corner, it’s no surprise that we’re all a bit apprehensive about what the next calendar year might have in store for us.

Typically, a new year heralds in new hope. So, how does one cope when there is so much uncertainty or ambiguity still surrounding us?

To prepare for the year ahead and close the door (solidly) on the year that has been – it is worth exploring the wisdom of the past - 300 B.C. to be exact. This was when the Greek philosophy of Stoicism was founded. Stoicism has a valid place in a world that is bursting with uncertainty.

Stoicism teaches us to mentally accept our experiences, and to prepare for the future - without dispute, blame, judgment, or resistance. Acceptance represents a powerful step in preparing for the unknown. Acceptance is not resignation. It is learning to acknowledging the truth and allowing things to be as they are. As a result, we can feel a greater appreciation of life, while experiencing a sense of serenity. And trust me, we could all use a bit of serenity as we enter into a new year.

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