Raise Your Voice: How to Advocate for Mental Health in 2021

Telling your story can be healing. It can also inspire systemic and lasting change. Make your voice heard as an advocate for mental health in Texas. Join NAMI Texas and NAMI Central Texas to learn how you can get involved in mental health advocacy and use your personal story to change how mental health is addressed in our communities. NAMI Texas executive director Greg Hansch and Policy Fellow Matthew Lovitt will share important opportunities during the current Texas legislative session.

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NAMI Texas Advocacy

Public Policy Platform 2021-2022 (PDF)

Policy Platform 2021-2022 Summary (PDF)


Greg Hansch

Executive Director, NAMI Texas

Greg Hansch serves as the Executive Director of NAMI Texas. He joined NAMI Texas in 2012 and he has served in the roles of Public Policy Director and Policy Coordinator. In his current role, he is responsible for providing direction and leadership toward the achievement of NAMI Texas’ mission. He is a Licensed Masters-Level Social Worker and a family member of a person with serious mental illness. He received a Master’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in Nonprofit and Public Management from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland. Greg is a NAMI SMARTS for Advocacy State Trainer. He is an alumni of the Policy Academy of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health at UT Austin.

Matthew Lovitt

Peer Policy Fellow, NAMI Texas

Matthew Lovitt is a person in long term recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. He holds certification as a Recovery Support Peer Specialist and is pursuing a Master of Social Work from the University of Houston with a specialization in Political Social Work. He has supported individuals in recovery in inpatient, outpatient, and community settings. In his free time, Matthew enjoys reading fiction, running marathons, and watching horror movies with his wife and three Vizsla pups.

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