NAMI Central Texas Announces New Hires

We are so proud and excited to announce three new members to our staff.

“We are thrilled to welcome Lorie, Rebecca and Ricky to the NAMI Central Texas family,” said Executive Director Karen Ranus. “They are a welcome addition and each come with unique skills and perspectives on mental health that will help propel our work forward.”

Lorie Inman-Shaw | Administrative Coordinator

Inman-Shaw joins NAMI Central Texas with over 20 years of operational, administrative and executive assistant experience.

“I believe that access to mental health is a universal concern and necessity, and a human right. Mental illness touches all of our lives. After several decades of corporate and small business employment, I wanted to work in the nonprofit sector and be a part of a mission for betterment for the surrounding population.” - Lorie Inman-Shaw

Rebecca L. Farrell, Ph.D. | Program Coordinator

Farrell brings years of experience in leadership positions in both nonprofit & for-profit organizations. She brings experience developing, modifying, and implementing client and community-based programs.

“The work NAMI Central Texas does humanizes experiences by providing safe platforms for people to share, without judgment, their narratives and vulnerabilities while learning and offering support. The message is clear: We are here with you and you are not alone. We are all, in some capacity, touched by mental illness. Ideal mental health, in my opinion, is not defining mental illness as abnormal, but rather normalizing mental illness as part of the human experience, which is vast and varied.” - Rebecca L. Farrell, Ph.D.

Ricky Allen | Technical Assistant

Allen brings his technical expertise to help implement the virtual elements of NAMI Central Texas programming. His own lived-experience and involvement with NAMI as a volunteer gives him insights to help elevate programming to the next level.

“The work that NAMI Central Texas does is important to me because it helped me on my journey to understanding my own mental health. Seeing that this organization is passionate about helping and reaching out to communities in desperate need about mental health services is what gave me a major interest in this profession. I want to thank my family, Rick, Casandra, Ryan and Karissa. They are the ones who told me about NAMI and stayed with me during my highs and lows.” - Ricky Allen