With 1 in 5 Americans living with a mental health condition, every workplace is impacted by the challenges that come with addressing this common health issue. NAMI Central Texas offers one-hour workplace trainings that break down mental health myths, encourage positive and proactive mental health conversations and provide employees with tips, tools and resources for creating a supportive environment for mental health.

NAMI Central Texas workplace trainings are offered on a fee for service basis to help offset the costs associated with providing free community mental health programming in the Central Texas region. Each training is $950. The nonprofit organization rate is $475.

Coronavirus Update

(updated 11/1/2021)

Based on the current public health recommendations, NAMI Central Texas programs are being offered online. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, complete the presentation request form linked below.

For the most up-to-date information on programming and resources, please visit namicentraltx.org/coronavirus.

Cultivating Empathy for a Healthier Workplace

Training for workplaces

Understanding other people's emotions is a key skill in the workplace. It can enable us to resolve conflicts, build more productive teams and improve relationships with co-workers, clients and customers. In this one-hour workshop, participants will explore what it means to show empathy and how a few simple actions can help your team create stronger connections and build a culture of honesty and openness which can lead to a more productive and healthier workplace.

Managing Stress: Strategies & Practices for Navigating COVID-19

Training for workplaces

The current global pandemic is creating a wave of stress and anxiety in our homes and community, and chronic stress has been shown to compromise our immune system. So, it's important for your team to recognize how stress manifests itself and adopt strategies and practices that can help them navigate stress in the healthiest way possible. This interactive session offers some practical ideas individuals can share with friends, family, and colleagues as we all strive to get through this challenging time together.

Speak Up: Dispelling the Mental Health Myths that Keep Us Quiet

Training for workplaces

Mental health myths are abundant and pervasive. Dispelling myths in the workplace creates a culture in which stigma is diminished, and employees feel more confident in seeking help when they need it.

Combining information with storytelling, we break down some of the most common mental health myths and provide ideas and resources for changing the way your employees talk about and address mental health.

“How Are You, Really?”: Creating a Supportive Environment for Mental Health

Training for workplaces

Now, more than ever, a supportive environment for mental health is essential. As we strive to create a workplace environment in which everyone can talk more openly and proactively about mental health, most of people struggle with how best to respond when they are concerned about a colleague. This interactive one-hour presentation provides a simple framework to help everyone engage in positive mental health conversations that offer support and connect themselves and colleagues to resources.

Supporting the Mental Health of Your Team During a Pandemic

Training for workplaces

The current global coronavirus crisis is presenting new and unique challenges for business leaders. More than likely, many teams are working remotely for the first time, isolated from co-workers, adapting to the change while juggling the needs of their own families. Their daily routines are being disrupted, and these disruptions coupled with uncertainty are naturally leading to increased anxiety and stress for everyone. This 1-hour webinar will provide concrete ideas and guidance for ensuring business and human resource leaders are successfully supporting the mental health of their teams during this critical time.

It's Okay to Ask: How Talking About Suicide Saves Lives

Training for Workplaces

Most people grew up with the unspoken but deeply rooted misconception that you should never talk about suicide. Studies show the opposite is true. Talking about suicide can be a relief, gives the person a chance to talk about what they're experiencing, and provides evidence that they are not alone--that someone cares. But most people are afraid to talk about suicide, so they stay quiet.  In this one-hour presentation, your team will learn how to recognize suicide warning signs, tips for talking about it, and resources to help address this important issue. They’ll walk away feeling more confident in their ability to have this difficult but important conversation if they need to!

Mind Your Body: Using Exercise To Positively Impact Your Mental Health

Training for workplaces

If your staff feels like they've been moving less recently, they’re not alone. A recent study confirmed that Americans are exercising less and sitting (and scrolling through screens) more during the pandemic. It may seem like no big deal, but the pandemic is also impacting everyone's mental health as well. So, it's important to recognize the important and positive link between mental health and exercise. Studies have shown that exercise can be a great tool for improving common mental health issues. This one-hour presentation provides an opportunity for your team to learn more about the benefits of exercise and simple ways to intentionally add movement to their day!

You're Not Alone: Addressing the Collective Anxiety of COVID-19

Training for workplaces

In this time when we most need and long for social connection, our health depends on physical distancing. Everyone is collectively trying to battle the impact of the coronavirus as it reshapes our work lives, family dynamics and finances. This daily battle creates fear, stress and anxiety, impacting our relationships and our mental health. This one-hour session gives your team an opportunity to explore a few simple but effective tools for navigating this uncertain time with more confidence and calm and empathy (for themselves and others!).